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Historical Report on Race ETH/125 02/10/2013 Fartun Mohamud Throughout U.S history African Americans have been named more than one unpleasant word and experienced a trial of slavery that changed the view of the world forever. Being called colored because they were of color was one of the names. They were also called other unpleasant names that are to horrible to repeat. Slavery happened over more than a century ago before the founding of the United States which was in 1776. In the United States slavery was formed as a slave labor which existed as a legal institution in North America. It is said that slavery was a principle issue leading to the American Civil War in 1896. From the time slavery first started children were bought and sold into slavery. From the 16th through the 19th century were shipped as slaves to the Americans. White men owned African American slaves and would beat and rape the women for little to no reason at all. If they dropped a grain of rice they got beaten and tortured, whipped and abused so horribly that it would be impossible to go back to there field and work the hours and hard work that they did. But they had to do it from sunrise to sunset every day with little to eat or drink. Most slaves were of African descent. Then discrimination showed its effect when laws were created to disenfranchise African Americans from voting. What made it illegal for people throughout the United States to have slaves was the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States. Africans fought in every war that the United States had throughout its history. Whether it was willingly or unwillingly they were forced to fight each war. That’s when the Civil Rights and Black Power movements gained certain kind of rights for African Americans. The Civil War was fought for and against the liberties of black people to make them free people. When

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