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Historical Perspectives Of Abnormal Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: TashaLopez
  • on September 19, 2010
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Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology


Tashanisha Murray

September 9, 2010

University of Phoenix

Nichelle Gause

Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

    Abnormal psychology is a practice that stems from philosophy and biology as early as the Greek thinkers; relative to Aristotle and Socrates. The word psychology originally evolved from the meaning psyche started by the Greeks implicating mind and soul. Therefore, abnormal psychology observes the study of abnormal behavior and psychopathology and is one of the diverse subfields and specialty areas of psychology. Abnormal psychologies regard practice and therapy in many mental disorders that are associated to psychotherapy and clinical psychology (Cherry, 2010).

    Hypnosis and dreams are a likely practice as a part of abnormal psychology; these techniques performs and looks into understanding abnormal functioning of human behavior then proper actions are done in attempts to change the abnormal behavior. However, origin behavior was the knowledge of supernatural occurrences and demonic spirits. Therefore, many techniques were performing murder and cruelty that is not considering in modern day practice. Drilling a hole in an individual’s head was the Stone Age’s resolution to allow demonic spirits to have a way of escape. Ancient Chinese and Egyptians thought abnormal behavior was a form of punishment from GOD and exorcisms was the outcome to rid of evil forces. The Romans and Greeks understood abnormal behavior was an imbalance of the four humors and resolutions was draining fluids from the brain. The Europeans assumes abnormal behavior was also a casualty of evil spirits and made attempts of exorcisms as well; however, if these procedures did not work then torture was the European attempt to release evil spirits from his or her body. These practices sustained well until the 15th century; however, in the 16th century Paracelsus, a Swiss Astrologer, alchemist and...

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