Historical Perspectives Of Abnormal Psychology Essay

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Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology There are many different factors that can change behavior that include culture, society, age, gender, religion, and other outside factors. Due to the factors that can influence and change behavior understanding normal and abnormal behavior can be hard. Abnormal psychology makes an attempt at explaining where and what factors within a person’s behavior can be seen as different from what most of their society sees as normal. The information provided in this paper will look at where the study of abnormal psychology started and how it is used in scientific disciplines. Also there will be information provided on psychosocial, biological and medical, and sociocultural models are used to help with analyzing abnormal psychology. Abnormal Psychology Abnormal psychology is also known as psychopathology and is an area of psychology that looks at mental disorders. As of yet there is not one way of defining abnormal behavior and the psychopathology and mental illness that is found with abnormal behavior. For some years there has been more of a focus on abnormal psychology so that abnormal behavior could be explained and classified so that it could be treated. In a general concept there are about six main concepts within abnormal psychology and they include: 1.) the importance of context in defining and understanding abnormal behavior; 2.) the continuum between normal and abnormal behavior; 3.) cultural and historical relativism in defining and classifying abnormality; 4.) the advantages and limitations of diagnosis; 5.) the principle of multiple causality; and 6.) the connection between mind and body (Hansell & Damour, 2008). The Origins of Abnormal Psychology When looking at the history of psychology the ideas that came from Hippocrates will be brought up. The main idea that seems to come up is about the idea that
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