Historical Perbiographical Literary Analysis: Jerzy KosinskiS The Painted Bird

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A major question has been asked. Every one person who comes into grasps of The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski has asked the same question either aloud or in their mind; what that message Kosinski desires to convey is. The sole purpose of a literary criticism is to get to the bottom of the text to discover what the message conveyed by the author is. The best way to do so is to have knowledge of the author’s life and experiences because having that knowledge leads to the deeper comprehension and interpretation of the literary work. An author’s experiences along with other factors are usually what prompts the writer to write in the very beginning and is what usually shapes his or her writing. This essay will analyze factors in Kosinski’s life that played a role in why The Painted Bird is written in the style that it is. Growing up as a Polish child refugee during the post war, the effect that it has on him, and the reason why he used exaggerations in his novel will be discussed throughout this essay along with an author analysis. Kosinski, a famous author of the 1960’s through the late 70’s born in Poland on June 14, 1933 in Lodz, Poland to a Russian-Jewish father, a scholar and mother, a concert pianist. Kosinski greets America in 1957. He then married an American heiress a few years before he became known for his best selling piece of American literature The Painted Bird. There is not a lot documented on the youth of Kosinski due to the fact that he did a lot of changing addresses and name changing. What is portrayed about his childhood comes through The Painted Bird, the protagonist in the novel is assumed to be Kosinski, an assumption that he did not clarify due to the fact that there Galloway 2 was no dialogue in the entire novel. If indeed Kosinski is the protagonists in the novel it is almost clear as to why he views life the way he does. It is

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