Historical Event in Nursing

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Identify and describe one major historical event you feel had a key effect on the development of coursing. (Not Florence Nightingale)

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The development of the nursing profession in the United States evolved out of necessity during the Civil War. According to Jane Schultz, "The Civil War launched the profession of nursing in the United States". There was no organized way of caring for the wounded soldiers. According to Blias and Hayes (2011), “Much of nursing’s development is related to the need to provide care to sick and injured soldiers during times of war.” Caring for wounded soldiers has highly contributed to the development of nursing in world history.
Conditions on the battlefield were deplorable and no better in the military hospitals so a plea for nurses was made. Both the Union and Confederate women responded as well as the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of the Holy Cross. The religious orders were devoted and known for providing care to the sick. The sisters were known for their attentive and skilled nursing care.
During the Civil War the first nurse corps was formed in the United States Army. Dorothea Dix was appointed as Superintendent of the Women Nurses of the (Union) Army. Dorothea recruited 2,000 women who for a month-long program trained at two New York hospitals which Dorothea helped create. The women recruited were women over 30. Their responsibilities included giving medications and dressing wounds. Because of the deplorable conditions many of the nurses died as they were

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