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Historical Devlopment of Nursing Timeline Essay

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Nursing science provides the profession with a standard of practice. Nursing theorists, and historical events in nursing have morphed the field into the science it is today. This paper will examine the contributions made to the nursing profession by Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Jean Watson, and others. This paper will also address the direct correlation of nursing science and its relationship to the profession of nursing. This paper will also show how nursing directly has affected many other scientific fields such as religion, psychology, and education .
Influential nurses and women of the past have paved a way for nursing to become the respected field it is today. Florence Nightingale is viewed as the pioneer of nursing. In 1859 Nightingale had the opportunity to tend to wounded men fighting the Crimean War. It was upon caring for the soldiers when Nightingale the connection between death, infection, disease, and the filthy living conditions these men were exposed to. Nightingale pushed   her staff of 38 to clean their hands and sanitize all tools. It was through this practice that Nightingale would show the world the direct link between healing and sanitization.
In 1861 Clara Barton started her journey to become one of the world’s most influential nurses as well. Barton was a union war nurse who was often found on the battlefield nursing the injured.   In 1869 Barton was introduced to the Red Cross and the idea of providing relief care ("National Women's History Museum,” 2012).   Inspired Barton returned to the United States and introduced these theories to the American people, thus creating the first American Red Cross ("National Women's History Museum,” 2012).
Nurses such as Nightingale and Barton are just two of many nurses who have created what is referred to today as nursing science. The creation of the science of nursing has opened the door for many theorists who view nursing as a science and an art form. Jean Watson is one particular theorist who...

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