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Historical Development of the United Nations Essay

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  • on May 14, 2012
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Since being coined by Franklin Roosevelt in 1942, the United Nations has taken many strides in assuring international peace and security. Today, there are approximately 192 countries that are member of the United Nations who believe in world peace and security. The term collective security may be defined as a group of nations striving to maintain world peace and security by forming an alliance in which they agree not to attack each other and assist in defending them if attacked. There were many attempts of collective security before the United Nations, the most obvious being Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations that we all know failed miserably. Ironically, the reasons it failed were because the United States did not join it, and there was no enforcement mechanism which served as a learning curve toward achieving collective security. The US had a small role in the League of Nations which included being an observer and could only speak when they were permitted to do so. I don’t consider NATO or the Warsaw Pact as collective security because they may be defined as “collective defense,” which means that nations only defend their cohort against outside attacks rather than attacks from within (Conflict Research Consortium, 1998). The Concert of Europe (Congress System) is a legitimate attempt of collective security in which the Great Powers of Europe aligned to keep peace and security throughout Europe in 1815 and lasted for the one hundred years. The Great Powers included Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia, and later France, while the Austrian Diplomat Metternich was an enormous contributor to the Concert.
After World War One, the world was in great need of peace, security, and a guarantee that there would never be a war like World War One again, and an effective League of Nations would have been the perfect remedy. World War One is known as one of the bloodiest, most gruesome war in our history. It began when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie...

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