Historical and Scientific Perspective on Homosexuality

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Historical and Scientific Perspectives on Homosexuality Since I am a heterosexual, I could not imagine the repercussion that historical and scientific viewpoint on homosexuality may have changed the way gay individuals view themselves. I can only speculate that gay individuals face similar obstacles in their self efficacy as any other break from traditional views. Changes in what is acceptable by the masses happen slowly in society and not without a lot of sacrifice. During the height of slavery, a person would have been shot had they even said that one day an African American would be President of the United States. Yet, here we are, less than a century later, when the masses have banned together in unprecedented numbers to do just that. Unfortunately, today homosexual individuals face the same prejudices, violations of their rights, hate, and violence that African Americans and many other minorities have faced throughout history. The historical perspective, rallied primarily by religion, has to have the most influence on the way an individual sees him or herself. Religious traditions are strong, and if one thinks it took America too long to change its view of the African American, it is a short time in comparison to the length of time it takes for changes to be created within religious persuasion. Most all religions push homosexuality as an abomination before God. Thankfully I was raised by my parents whom did not push religion on my siblings and I. We did not have to hide our beliefs or anything. We were able to make our own beliefs when it cam to religion. Beings how I was a teenage mom and ended up pregnant at the age of 16, I did not have to feel ashamed for not waiting to have a child out of wedlock. Now however my Grandmother that was a different story she actually snubbed me because I had a child out of wedlock. I am just thankful for the love and
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