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Historical and Current Issue Essay

  • Submitted by: wakingthefallenn
  • on February 7, 2013
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Historical and current issue
The Poor Law 1834
Before 1834 it fell upon the upper class in each town to take care of the poor, through their own local taxes. Until 1834 when the poor law was introduced. It was believed to reduce the cost of looking after the poor, take all beggars off the streets and to encourage poor people to work and support themselves. This law ensured that the poor were housed, clothed and fed. Many poor families were housed in workhouses, the conditions inside were deliberately harsh and families were often split up and housed in different parts of the workhouse. They all had to wear uniforms and the food and diet was terrible. All poor houses were Government run facilities, because of this the workers and families had to abide by their rules and regulations.
The Beverage Report 1942
In December 1942 the government asked Sir William Beverage to write a report to help people on low incomes. Later he published a report that proposed that people of a working age should be made to pay a weekly contribution, in return for this, a benefit would be paid to people who were sick, unemployed, retired, or widowed. This was our first post-world war welfare state policy. The Beverage Report led to the establishment of a system of social security and the national health services.
The Acheson Report of 1998
In 1998 Donald Acheson wrote a report with findings that demonstrated the inequalities in health care which was determined by people’s class and social structure. The report called for an increase in benefit levels for woman of child bearing age, expectant mothers, young and older people. It showed poverty had a massive effect on children, and around a quarter of people in the mid-1990s were living below the poverty level. It also said there should be a basic standard of living, given to single parents, and people on low incomes. It also called for more funding in schools in deprived areas, and it tried to promote health through their curriculum, and...

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