Hispanic Stereotypes

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Stereotypes of Hispanics American Culture is highly diverse. People from various ethnic groups come here to better themselves and live the American lifestyle. Yet, most still live their lives under the shadow of stereotypes that are assigned to various cultures. A large portion of the population of California consists of Hispanics, mostly of Mexican descent, due to our proximity to Mexico. I happen to be one of the many Hispanics currently living in California. Because of my ethnicity, I have experienced most of the stereotypes assigned to my ethnic group. Some of these experiences have been humorous, and some have been completely outrageous. I have discovered that most stereotypes are based on misconceptions and ignorance. One…show more content…
In my recent experiences, I have rarely been called “a dirty Mexican” or “wet back” with the intention of being degrading. In fact, it has been acceptable to use these terms, especially among teammates. For example, my friend and I were driving by a group of Hispanic day-workers when he said to me, “Hey, why aren’t you at work?’ We both laughed at the ignorance humor of his comment. It is important that those attempting to use racial slurs as a source of humor understand the rules that make it permissible. For example, a person who didn’t like me said to my friend that I should hop in my low-rider and go back to Mexico where I belong. This infuriated me, but I realized that this guy was actually envious of me. He couldn’t think of any other way to insult me, but to ridicule my ethnicity. My ethnicity originates from a combination of backgrounds, and being Hispanic is only a part of it. I am actually a thirteenth generation American with ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. I am proud of my combined ethnicity and have Ramos 3 found racial stereotyping to be based in ignorance. I have learned that by approaching it with humor and lightheartedness, the impact it has on people can be
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