Hispanic American Diversity Essay

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Mexican Americans Mexican Americans also celebrate Cinco de Mays (Fifth of May), which commemorates the Battle of Puebla won on May 5, 1862. Another celebrated holiday by the Mexican American’s is the day of the dead also called El Dia de Los Muertosich observed on November 2nd, by visiting the grave sites of deceased friends and family. Mexican Americans make up the biggestpopulation of United States immigrants. Mexican Americans immigrate to the U.S. for a better chance at life. It is common practice to send a few members of the family ahead to get established in terms of work and housing. Once they are established then they will send for the other members of the family. It is also common for the members here in the United States to send a portion of the money home to Mexico to help support them back home. The 21stcentury has shown an increase in household incomes for Mexican Americans, however illegal immigrants, and lower class Mexican Americans often work for lower wages for fear of deportation. The majority of jobs held by Mexican Americans are blue collar type jobs such as: restaurant workers, janitors, truck drivers, and construction laborers. Traditionally in Mexican American families the mother would stay home, while the father went to work. More recently the families became dependant on two incomes, which meant that the mother needed to work outside the home. Mexican American families also often consist of extended family members living in the household. Through the years, we have seen many successful Mexican Americans throughout all walks of life. Famous sports athletes, actors and actresses, political figures, and civil rights activists just to name a few. Puerto Ricans Puerto Ricans make up 10% of the United States population (US Census Bureau, 2007), making the the second largest Hispanic community. Puerto Rico is a territory

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