His Horse Is Thunder: The Struggle Of Native Americans

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The Native Americans have gone through many struggles, ever since the English settlers came to their land. Back in heir times, when they owned the land, the Native Americans basically had no problems in their lives. Life was almost perfect for them, at least until the English settlers came. These “aliens”, to the Native Americans, stole their culture, their land and almost their dignity. And even today, more than 100 years later, they are still suffering the consequences of the settler’s actions. 150 years ago, the Native Americans didn’t know what murder, or killing, or a massacre were. But about 118 years ago, at a place called Wounded Knee, the 7th Calvary slaughtered more than 200 Indians, including women and children. “That massacre broke the back of our nation” says His Horse Is Thunder, descendant of the chief Sitting Bull…show more content…
But it wasn’t always like that. Cobell grew up in a small Indian reservation. But unlike other Indians of her tribe, she was able to overcome herself, go to school and become an accounting agent. It was because of her that her tribe received some of the benefits they were promised almost 100 years ago. Cobell went through hell and back to try to get some money for her tribe. “It’s not as if we’re taking money from the government, it’s our money that was taken from us” said Cobell. “These betrayals began in 1887, when congress opened up previously established tribal reservations to white settlers, in return, Indians were granted land allotments raging from 40 through 300 acres”(article 2 pg. 1). But they never received those, because the government judged them incapable of handling their own affairs. But after many years of fighting, their war may be over. The government will grant the Indians up to $40 billion divided into individuals. After all that struggling, it was all worth it for

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