to his coy mistress

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“To His Coy Mistress” Fuck me or die, shall your youthful moist skin dry up without the warmth and pleasures of the erupting volcano. This is a strong statement intended to get the undivided attention of the reader. Andrew Marvell has cleverly hidden this message with poetic devices in his short story, “To His Coy Mistress.” This poem is about an older man who pursues a young virgin woman with poetic devises that mocks the ladies’ desire to wait before she decides to engage in sexual pleasures. Some may say her reasons are religious, fear of her God, or is it really fear of this mans penis? Whatever the reason may be it is her reason and he constantly chooses to pursue her. Using time as his main weapon, creative symbols were used, water and the worm. Rivers, the flow of water connecting these two characters together, since they live miles apart, he continues to complain, that time is constantly flowing on for them both saying that time will soon run out for them to have sex, which they might create a new life. His love would be ten years before the flood, but then his semen backups in him, symbolizing this with the fast rising flood; the world will soon end if it is not set free in her. “My vegetable love should grow, vaster than empires, and more slow,” is his love for her, she is his water, food and light that he needs. But is his vegetable love really acres of vegetable gardens or another poetic device representing his love muscle that she is erecting? As long as she is there, he will love her and his vegetable (penis) would continue to grow and he will not die of hunger, lack of sex. His idea of love is that he wants to just feed himself everyday and tries to share this knowledge with her, because she may soon starve to death not engaging in sinful gluttony for tomorrow may not come. “The grave’s a fine and private place, but none, I think, do
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