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The Bill of Rights and Amendments Cindi Gould His 301 Axia College Mr. Joseph Richardson The United States Constitution was ratified and made law on September 17, 1789. The original authors of the Constitution knew that it needed away to grow and change along with the people of America and their needs. This being said we are going to take a quick journey discovering the Bill of Rights and the Amendments. IN the body of this paper we are going to discuss how and why the Amendments become a part of the Constitution, what problems the original document motivated the adoption of the Bill of Rights, what are the effects of the Bill of Rights, What problems with the original document, or changes in society led to later amendments and what the effects are as a result of these later amendments. All of these are very interesting and necessary topics to address. So now that we know what to expect let’s get comfy, buckle down and get started on this amazing and knowledgeable journey. First, we are going to discuss how and why the Amendments became a part of the Constitution. The Constitution was created with an Amendment process in Article V. Article V was created or added to the Constitution to ensure that the needs of the people were being met and as America grew and changed the needs were being met. There are two ways that the Constitution can be amended. The first way is by a two-thirds vote by both the House of Representatives and the Senate and it must be ratified by 38 of the 50 states. Up to today, October 24, 2011 this first way is the only method that has been used. The second way is to have a meeting that’s sole
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