Hiroshima by John Hersey Book Review

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In Hiroshima by John Hersey he tells of the horrific times in Hiroshima through the stories of six main characters, Miss. Sasaki, Dr. Fujii, Father Kleinsorge, Mrs. Nakamura, Mr. Tanimoto, and Dr. Sasaki. August 6, 1945 was the day that the U.S. plane dropped an atomic bomb on the residents of Hiroshima during WWII. The city was destroyed and many died. Most of the survivors had painful burns and many developed radiation sickness. After the bomb hit Hersey tells how each of the six main characters struggles to free his/her self from debris, find loved ones, and help others. Dr. Sasaki did not get hurt from the explosion but had to work endlessly in the hospital tending to those who were badly hurt. Dr. Fujii got injured badly and attempted to go home to get first aid supplies. Mrs. Nakamura was terrified as she worked for days to save her three children from the pile of debris they were under. Father Kleinsorge and Mr.Tanimoto worked together to help those trapped under debris and did all they could help those found alive receive medical help. A large part of Hiroshima was on fire and radiation rain began to downpour on everything along with strong winds. Hospitals had to begin to only help those who weren’t badly injured because those badly injured most likely didn’t have a chance of living. On August 9 a second bomb is dropped in Japan, this time the bomb is in Nagasaki. Cuzzocrea2 Human suffering became even greater and so the Emperor of Japan announces over the radio that Japan has surrendered. It wasn’t a happy ending for all the six main characters. Mrs. Nakamura had to receive many years of medical help to help cure her radiation sickness. Luckily, her children are all alive and healthy due to their mother rescuing them. Dr. Sasaki lost his wife to cancer as did he many others he tried to cure after the bombings. Father Kleinsorge spent many years in the

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