Hiring Practices in a Technology-Ridden Era : Human Resources Term Paper

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In an era where new university grads have showcased their past 10 years on the Internet, Generation Y (or Millenials) find it more difficult than ever to find employment while our prospective employers Google our names. “Googling” an applicant prior to hiring has become a common practice amongst employers around the world. Using Internet social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, YouTube and Vine (just to name a few), business owners and Human Resource departments, head hunters and recruiters have found a new way of screening applicants by observing day-to-day practices, videos, posts, and pictures of applicant’s lives that they have made publicly accessible via the Internet. This essay discusses and compares two angles on the controversy of Internet sources being used along side background checks in the hiring and selection process, and whether it is ethically sound to withhold employment opportunity because of someone’s Online reputation or representation, which takes place outside of the work place. The angles analyze the new age more liberal approach to the practice of hiring, along side the traditional more conservative practice of hiring that we commonly see today. According to an article posted by Monster.com (an online job posting resource that helps Hiring and Staffing processes, Resume Building, and Job Searches) titled “Job Applicant: beware you’re being Googled”, 77% of employers Google or otherwise research applicants using the Internet. (Hoffman, A. n.d.) This brings into play the question, should new grads be cleaning up their online lives prior to applying for the job. Facebook in particular as a social media outlet has become a key subject of the above topic recently. With new grads changing their Facebook last names to middle names or even their mother’s maiden names to avoid employer scrutiny. Tightening privacy settings

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