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‘Hiring Without Firing’ – Article Summary | Group 01, Sec-B In his article ‘Hiring Without Firing’ (HBR-1999), Claudio Fernandez-Araoz highlights the ten ‘Hiring Traps’ that can hamper the already crucial task of hiring right person for the right job and establishes that by adopting systematic and disciplined approach to hiring process, companies can hire the right match without firing and achieve great success. The approach entails ‘comprehensively understanding the job requirement and defining the competencies required for the job’ (Investing in Problem Definition) and then ‘evaluating and recruiting the right match through structured interviews and strategic leveraging’ (Doing the Homework). Claudio begins the article by pointing out the increasingly daunting nature of hiring process in the wake of new economic and organizational conditions. He observes that ‘Global business expansion’ coupled with ‘talent shortage caused by increased inclination towards entrepreneurship’ and ‘emerging organizational cultures and forms such as joint ventures and strategic alliances’ have made hiring even more complex. He argues that hiring is not a science and in an era of rapidly changing job responsibilities, intangible competencies like ‘Cross-cultural literacy’, ’Flexibility’ are main drivers of success. Also, current extremely competitive business environment allows no time to learn these competencies and thus leaves no space for a hiring error, argues Claudio. To avoid any such error, Claudio puts forward ten ‘Hiring Traps’ to watch out for. He criticizes the ‘Reactive Approach’ of looking for new candidates with similar skills and personality as that of predecessor and insists to base search on the forward job requirements. He maintains that ‘Unrealistic specifications’ often miss out on the critical tasks to be performed by the new executive and ignore already existing

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