Hippies in Youth Culture

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Surname Professor Course Date Hippies in youth culture Hippie is a world famous subculture that was a movement that appears in the U.S. in the second half of the 60s and spread to different countries throughout the entire world. Hippies is a subculture that shows us examples like peace and congeniality. They are the most famous subculture for decades. This movement began to enlarge in California and spread across the U.S. Although it also was very famous in Europe, it had its best results in the America. Over the 1960s a fundamental group that was named “Hippies” shocked the U.S. with their competing worldviews and beliefs. An important impact on the standpoints of American society in the 60s was made by the hippie subculture. This movement influenced American outlooks in such aspects as attitudes, usage of drugs and politic and traditional thoughts. They produced movements and a lot of social conflicts, contradicting with sociologists and sociological perspectives. The hippie movement supports, and other times doesn’t support such perspectives and the scientists that made them. Hippies are still popular nowadays and their ideas, thoughts and believes are very essential today. A lot of festivals and concerts took place in the 1960s. Such festivals were created in order to reflect the culture of some particular country. Among different festivals and events that somehow connected with hippies, the most significant one, after all, is The Woodstock Music Art Fair. It was held in upstate New York City in 1969. The festival lasted for three days. It was three days of liberality, peace, amazing music, freedom, and expanding consciousness for the hippies. Furthermore, for the conservatives and just simple people who don’t like loud noises it was three days of self indulgence, racquet, randomness, and illegal drug use. Another great example of the hippies’ festivals is
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