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1. Social roots: Urban neoliberalism was one of the social roots of hip hop. This refers to acts of government wanting to shift the economic control from a public sector to a private sector. In doing so the government suggests to reduce deficit spending and cut out welfare from the picture. Urban renewal was also beginning to take place in these neighborhoods. Old, rundown buildings were being brought down in an efforts to run the residents out. Very little was being done to provide help for the slums of New York. Hip hop primarily emerged from young working class African Americans, and some would rely on that government help. Urban Neoliberalism also advocated for the involvement of more police, increasing the rate of law enforcement brutality. NYPD cops were commonly racist and angry at the residents of these less privileged neighborhoods. Hip hop began as a sort of unifying factor for these young working class citizens against the change that was occurring in their community. Another social root of hip hop was a reactionary climate to media. Movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, these and more began to serve as a large influence on their audiences. The media was transformed to a sort of message transmitter throughout the nation. As a result of an increase in law enforcement involvement, films were being produced about cops with an exceedingly amount of violence. The cops in these films were usually portrayed as violent and aggressive, above the law heroes. Many movies like “The Driver (1978)” were packed with action and violence which would shoot the ratings through the roof. With ratings like that the media became more and more involved in society’s everyday life. Cultural roots: Detournement is when the use or message of an object or image is artistically twisted to create a different meaning or use for it. Sometimes this type of propaganda is found in

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