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Hip Hop is not just a genre of music, nor is it strictly the derogatory things that the media portrays it to be. It is a style, a swagger, how one dresses, carries themselves, speaks, express themselves, and so much more. Despite the many positive aspects of Hip Hop, the media chooses to focus primarily on the negative, seldom revealing the many positive affects of the Hip Hop culture to the world. The culture of Hip Hop is one that has been taking the world by storm starting in the mean streets of New York , migrating throughout the nation, and now, the world. But exactly what is Hip Hop? What are the aspects that make it so powerful and how does the media's portrayal of Hip Hop differ from how it is in reality? Because of stereotypes, a lot of people see Hip Hop strictly as a genre of music consisting of shallow and violent nymphomaniacs and lechers producing vulgar and explicit lyrics about misogynistic views, sex, murder, drugs, money, and the derogatory exploitation of women. The reason this is so, is because the media chooses to focus on these negative aspects, downplaying the culture of Hip Hop. While these aspects of Hip Hop do exist, they are not all there is to Hip Hop and as such, should not be used to stereotype the culture. Because there are so many different forms of media [television, newspapers, radio, internet, etc.], the messages they convey expand and are shown throughout the world. The media chooses what is exposed based on its importance, but even more so, based on what sells. This consumer based thought applies to Hip Hop including but not limited to: apparel, video games, music videos, and albums. The proprietors of Hip Hop merchandise base their products on what they believe will sell the most, which in today's society just happens to be sex and violence. Despite these proprietors working and being a part of the Hip Hop culture, they are

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