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HIP HOP 101 “ B boys and girls listen up, you can be anything in the world in god we trust, an architect, doctor, maybe an actress but nothin' comes easy it takes much practice,” positive lyrics from Nas encouraging every boy and girl to follow their dreams. However many people just focus on the negative aspects of Hip Hop. Have you ever wondered how the lack of hip hop programs in schools impacts students? It has a negative impact on students because people won’t accept hip hop for what it is, it’s a culture something you live and breathe every day, and yet the only thing they teach us in school is alternative, classic rock, dance, rock and roll, pop, and jazz. Furthermore I will explain what Hip Hop is, how the changes of it affect students, and how programs in school can turn the negative into a positive. Hip hop is more than Nas, Most Def., and Jay Z; it is the speech, fashions, and personal style adopted by many youths, particularly in urban areas that became a popular movement. According to PBS, in 1970 the first hip hop album ever to release was by The Last Poets, their music consist poetry with music. Formerly hip hop was something many people used to free themselves. Hip hop use to tell stories about something that artist went through. It was something you could relate to but in the new generation of hip hop is a lot different. Generally most of the hip hop music you hear today is about sexism, violence and homophobia. This is only because today’s artist only produces the type of music that will sale. Previously hip hop was used to encourage, and promote fellowship within a community. For instances in Will Smith’s song, ‘Just The Two of Us”, he says “Then to my knees and I begged the Lord please let me be a good daddy, all he needs love, knowledge, discipline too I pledge my life to you”. Here he’s

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