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Ana Silva Professor Termain Garden Cms-11 Spring 2008 Hip Hop Artist: How Their Negative Attitude Towards Law Enforcement Affects Law Enforcements ability to investigate crimes and maintain order Hip Hop music has helped shaped the younger generations into a lively hood of questioning and struggles against authority. Hip Hop came about in the Bronx during the 1970’s, this style included rapping, graffiti writing, bboying, beat boxing, and slang. Hip Hop was originally just DJ’s playing beats that most people had not heard before. Not only did hip hop change the style of music but it also changed the language and clothing style. More slang was developed and clothes became flashier, such as the adidas shell top sneakers with the entire sweat suit including the hat, and also big gold rope chains. But hip hop wasn’t just about fancy clothes, eventually rapping came about and connected with the beats, rapping was like poetry set to music, it spoke of the hard ships that people, mostly of African American descent, had to deal with. Coincidentally the police force was used as a symbol of oppression, said to have been targeting the black community and abusing there power. Over the years there have been many artist who have voiced there opinions against authority and have used hip hop to accomplish that goal, these artist include groups such as Public Enemy, Eminem, and even as recent as Kanye West. This oppression has also led many to become violent towards police officers. The extent as to which these artist have affected people is astonishing, there voices have led the way to many protest, therefore creating an even stronger barrier towards the police force. But Hip hop has not only created protest but they have silenced the public also. When the code of Hip Hop came about it was as if a code of honor was placed upon communities, this code

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