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Why we are chosen topic is Music? Because music is every people interest and sometimes music is change to someone life style. Actually I didn’t read about music book. one day I go to “xin hua shu dian” and :wai yu shu dian” in Nanjing but I can’t find any about music book or magazine. If I want to bought music just go back to Korea bring to here. So inevitability just find from internet. In there have called “e-book” And finally I find it! About Hip hop music. Next up is make PPT, first work is choose artist it is very easy to for me. First artist is “Run D.M.C” because this artist group is in hip hop culture very most famous one. They concert in Japan, china, Korea 2008. Second is “Black eyed peace” this hip hop group is creative new trend hip hop rhythm. And also mix to pop, jazz, electronic music creative new style hip hop trend. Actually so many artists also good, but this 2 artist is every people acquainted. This is why I choose 2 artists. I think almost Chinese young people doesn’t like hip hop music because sometime my Chinese friend rent my MP3 and ask “why are you listen to like this music?” and in my classmate also. I think they like ballade music or soft rook. But I know nowadays Chinese people changed mind for example in Nanjing called 1912, this place just have to music club, and music type also hip hop, electronic what else. Anyway finally times up I have to announcement PPT and introduced hip hop music to classmate. And finished part1 turn on the music, include artist and they was in sympathy. We finished PPT Chinese classmate some question for me “why you gays miss it Chinese music?” I answered “sorry about that! But I really ignored from Chinese music next time we can fix it!” I really pleasure use to my interest thing make PPT. And I hope Chinese young people also like club culture and hip hop or electronic music some people have

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