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Hip-hop music is a very popular genre of music today; however, it wasn’t always this way. Many things had to happen in order to help get the exposure needed to gain popularity. For instance, MTV started showing many hip-hop videos throughout the day; this helped tremendously because most of the teen population watched MTV. Also the airing of hip-hop songs on the radio increased the popularity as well. Another reason is that Eminem, a white hip-hop/rap artist, extended the boundary of hip-hop music to every race. These ways, along with some others, helped shape rap/hip-hop today and really burst the popularity of it as well. First, I will give you a brief history over rap/hip-hop music. Rap/hip-hop evolved from the writings and music of Dj Kool Herc. Kool Herc would recite rhymes over a reggae beats that he made, however it wasn’t real popular at the time. The first rap emcee team .became known as Kool Herc and the Herculoids. Rap isn’t just a form of music; it helped create a whole culture called Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop originated from the ghettos of the Bronx in New York City. Break-dancers, graffiti artists, DJ’s, and MC’s are all a part of the hip-hop culture. A song called “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar hill Gang was the first rap song to go mainstream. There were rap songs before this (1979), but “Rapper’s Delight” started the takeover (Davey). Many rappers today get their inspiration from original MC’s and DJ’s. MTV’s videos were watched daily by young teens. Instead of kids watching T.V. shows they watched music videos, for the first time the whole population could watch and listen to hip-hop music. People were really excited about this. At one time, MTV had a major impact on the music industry and popular culture. They created slogans like “I want my MTV”, that the public loved. The concept of the VJ was popularized, which is a video DJ. The created a

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