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Is the glass half full or half empty? It's based on your perspective quite simply. We're the same and we're not know what I'm saying listen. I aint better than you I just think different. Nujabes, one of the best rappers ever who dedicated his life to the music (hip hop) was not a popular artist because people are not used to listen to metaphorical music. The hole song is about hip hop music nowdays and the diference between musicians committed to music and the ones that only do it for the money an the fame. A research made by a blog shows us that popular music is based on a simple beat and sticky lyrics, no matter if the lyrics have a real meaning. Many artists are making money by composing sticky music because they know that most of the people enjoys listening to the music without paying attention to the lyrics. For example: 50 cent is more popular than Nujabes. Nujabes offers a combination of hip hop and jazz and lyrics with a meaning; 50 cent makes a simple beat with a melody and no meaning lyrics. But people prefers 50 cent because he talks about sexuality expressing it on his videos with expensive cars and naked women. Women in hip hop cultureis treated as a sexual object, calling them by disrespectful ways such as bitches and hoes etc. the singer also qualifies rappers nowdays as irresponsible, extravagant,the way they consider their families as minor and the money and luxury are over everything else and the lack of knowledge they show. The prototype of the dreamsteam artist is characterized for their life of luxury and ostentatious taste. Turning this to be the first thing in matter of importance in their lives, unlike the indi artist that still keeps the closeness to their family friends and the places where they were raised and made, forgetting about the people who saw them grow. Most of the hip hop artists come from the ghetto so when their

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