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Tuan Le Instructor Kline February 21, 2007 English 101 Hip-hop Controversy People are very familiar with the term “hip hop” – a word that is kind of pleasant to the ear now, but not all of them actually know what hip hop is. It’s not just a music style. “Hip hop”, according to Britannica Encyclopedia Online, is a “cultural movement that attained widespread popularity in the 1980s and ‘90s; also, the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and /or rhythmic speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential form”. This music style and cultural movement was developed by African Americans and Latinos in urban communities since the 1970s; by the 1990s, hip hop had spread all over the world. It’s undeniable that hip hop has great influence, and there are many controversies about hip hop. People have different opinions. Dr. Daudi Abe, a community college instructor, says that though recently hip-hop’s potential to create change “is significantly diminished”, in the 90’s hip-hop “had the power to change the world” in his article “Tupac plus 10: hip-hop’s diminished potential”. He sees positive things about hip-hop, whereas David Brooks, a New York Times’ Columnist doesn’t. In his article “Gangsta, in French”, Brooks says hip-hop has a bad influence on young people, and is becoming a globalized “culture of resistance”. Many things, including hip-hop, have their positive and negatives sides, so I agree with Brooks about the bad influence hip-hop has, but “the power to change the world” of hip hop is also undeniable. In “Tupac plus 1-: hip-hop diminished potential”, Daudi Abe talks about Tupac Shakur, his death and how they influence hip-hop culture; he uses Tupac as an example of an artist who created “socially relevant message music”. What makes Tupac different from other artists and makes him capable of having a

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