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MKT 370 Spring 2009 Hurricane Island Outward Bound Individual Case Analysis Outline Note: When "bullet point" is specified there will typically be one or two sentences per bullet point. What does Hurricane Island Outward Bound (HIOB) sell to customers? What do HIOB customers buy? As a not-for-profit organization, how does HIOB measure profits? (three bullet points) (10 points)  Evaluate the Statement of Activity for 1982-1985 from Exhibit 1 and answer each of the following: (one bullet point per question) (20 points)  What is the prior year to current year percentage change in total support and revenue? • Using the formula [current period – prior period]/ prior period *100, I found the percentage change to be a 9.63% (100*($4,954-$4,519)/$4,519) increase in total support and revenue.  Which category of revenue has contributed most to overall revenue growth over the past four years? • The Tuition category has contributed most to overall revenue growth over the past four years by contributing to 82.28% (100*($3,956-$2,048)/($4,954-$2,635)) of overall growth.  Which category of support and revenue is not growing as fast as perhaps it should? • Outside support has only grown by 17.72% (100%-82.28%) in the past four years, much less than tuition has grown. While it grew steadily from 1982-1983, it has declined heavily since then.  Which category of program, Public Courses or Special Programs, delivers the greatest gross margin dollars? • The public courses delivered a gross margin of $277 in 1985, greater than the Special Programs gross margin of $230 for the same year. Over the past four years, the Public Courses gross margin has averaged $741 (($1,563+$2,013+$2,445+$2,672)-($1,442+$1,851+$2,264+$2,395) while the Special Programs have averaged a gross margin of $539

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