Hints in the Postcard Killers

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Book Title: The Postcard Killers Author(s): James Patterson and Liza Marklund Genre: Mystery, Thriller Total # of pages: 421 Intended Audience: Young Adults Prompt: 5 The Postcard Killers is styled as “the scariest vacation thriller ever”. It is a mix between thriller, mystery, and crime fiction. Throughout the book there was much foreshadowing. Many hints about what happens next, many clues to string together. It constantly kept you hooked and on the edge of your seat waiting for the next plot twist to occur. Hints about the characters helped you piece together their past. You slowly learned how their minds worked and what to expect out of them. You could go from thinking the murderers, the Rudolph twins, were quite smart to realizing they were merely ridiculously crazy, thinking they were cool and composed to realizing they just overestimated themselves and would lose it at some point. You could do the same with the other two main characters: Jacob Kanon and Dessie Larsson. You would think Jacob Kanon was a crazy stalker for following the murderers across Europe, but then you would see that he has a reason. They killed his only daughter. He works for the NYPD, so he obviously wasn’t scared of such criminals and thus, he went after them. You might think Dessie Larsson was laid back and didn’t work very much. She was an unsuccessful reporter in Stockholm and had a half-written doctoral thesis that had gone unchanged for two years. Dessie earned every penny she ever got to get out of her poor town; she had a hard childhood in a remote area of Sweden. She was an independent, strong woman with an impressive past. The hints and facts you’re given slowly help develop the characters. Most of the other hints help you with the plot. You read the book from two view points: one watching the killers and one watching Dessie and Jacob. “Had Sylvia discovered her

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