Hinduism In North America

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Hinduism is a diverse religion found in India and in different parts of North America and Europe. Hinduism lacks the normal bond that we as Americans normally find in religion in the United States. Although this religion is not for all people, the practice Hinduism is more than just a religion; it is a way of leading one’s life. Hinduism is practiced toward various aspects in life, “Hinduism is much more than an esoteric practice. For the millions of people who practice this religion, it is a way of life that encompasses all aspects of life including family, social life, politics, business, art, and health behaviors. The sacred scriptures contain instructions on these aspects of life and have a strong influence on art and drama. While the ascetic practices of yoga are a well-known aspect of Hinduism, family life is also considered a sacred duty” (Wenner 2001). Hinduism is a way of life for many people and not a religion. They believe in the reincarnation of one’s spirit into another life form. This life form can consist of any living thing like a plant or animal. “Hinduism is a…show more content…
Hinduism brings a structured way of life for many people. On the path of rebirth many believe that there are four main values that a one must followed in order to achieve this. “Artha (wealth) and Kama (sensuality). These are the worldly or secular values. Dharma (social and individual duties) includes all caste roles and obligations of occupation, gender, kin, generation, and temperament, as well as other ethical responsibilities. Moksha (release from finitude and imperfection) is the intrinsic or eternal value and the supreme spiritual” (Nolan 1995). Many Hindu gurus have gone out on their own to spread the teachings and the ways of Hinduism. These teachings have encouraged many to lead this way of life and many groups have turned up in North America and various parts of

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