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Hinduism Paper Hinduism Paper Jennifer Simpson HUM/130 Religions of the World Byrl Shaver University of Phoenix 06/02/2013 The term Hinduism is incorrect it is more like an overall term for foreigners that do not have an understanding of their beliefs. The correct term for the collection of beliefs is Sanatana Dharma. There are uniting beliefs within all the different practices. The goals regardless of rituals or worshiping different Gods they all want Eternal truth, peace, complete understanding, and acceptance. They do share morals and ethics and the ability to allow others to worship as they like. All of the different sects have a few basics of one religion; the belief of Braham which is a three in one god, Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer). Also the beliefs of Karma and Reincarnation are shared commonly among the various sects. Although there was no mention of it in the text required to read for this assignment they also have a common belief of nirvana, which is the ultimate goal of the Hindu religion. The belief is that once you obtain absolute understanding and truth the cycle of birth and rebirth will be over, basically you have to get it right and when you do you go to heaven. (http://contenderministries.org/hinduism/hindubeliefs.php, 2012) The need for Hindu influence is their disciplined spirituality, and Gandhi said That strength lay in awareness of spiritual truth and nonviolent resistance to military industrial oppression. He said that this was the qualities necessary and the essence of all religion, even Hinduism, which he considered a universal religion. The strength of the religion in modern times is how the constitution of India came to be. The constitution established everyone’s right to believe and worship as they like. Granted just

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