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Assignment 2 In this assignment I will be discussing how information I have gathered from two ‘insider; of Hinduism compare to each other and compare to an academic text on Hinduisms. I kept the identity of the informant hidden and have not used there real name. I had chosen three questions to ask the informant, to keep my research reliable I did not change the wording of my question. Note that responses of questions could be answered to meet social disability or to reflect social norm, also informants could have a pick and mix ideology of Hinduism believing in some aspects and not accepting others. The first question I had asked was from a person at a mandire; Bob, I had asked him; “There are many gods in Hinduisms; do you get to choose who you worship?” His responses included : There should be a spiritual confidence of choosing there own deity, he included that there are many deity and people approach them in different ways, he included that the main point and ultimate goal is to reach Brahman, he went on further to explain that there are even approaches to Brahman that believing in Brahman without belonging and worshiping the other deity, moreover he explained that there are different attitudes and compatibilities when choosing the deity for example he explained when taking an exam people may worship sisfathy; the goddess of learning; he called this choice of deity ‘Ishta Divda’. The second question I asked was about Karma: “Believing in karma does this mean there is a destiny or an absence of free will?” Bobs responded in firstly saying there is no absence of free will, then he stated that you make your own destiny, and said obtaining karma good or bad will effect your following life, if you obtained more bad than good karma than you may not be reincarnated as a person, but will have the chance to rectify your mistakes. And if you have gathered good

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