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Hindostan Poem Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: Mikhail94
  • on December 2, 2013
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In this poem title The Six Blinds Men of Hindostan, this ancient India folks' story describes six blind men who seek to learn about the mysterious beast known as elephant. What makes it interesting in this poem here is, since none of them cannot see the elephant, they have to feel it by themselves and that lead to misinterpretation.
For the first stanza, the poet tries to illustrate that the six blind men have the higher level of determination to learn. The world inclined to define as a tendency which mean refer to their desire to know about the elephant.
For the second stanza, literally the poet told us that first blind come closer to the elephant   and begun to fall before to reach it. He touches the elephant body and describe it firm as a wall.
For the third stanza, the second blind men make a move and feel the elephant tusk. He cried when touched it because of his own excitement towards the elephants characteristic. The second blind men described that the elephant is very sharp and smooth same as a spear.
Next, for the fourth stanza, the third blind men impatiently stretched out his hand and felt the elephant’s knee. He said that the elephant's knee is plain and look enough like a tree.
For the fifth stanza, the next blind men begun to touch the elephant’s ear. He described it look so much a like a huge fan.
For the six stanzas, the six blind men reached the elephant excitedly and try to touch it. He succeeds to grab the elephant tail and assume that elephant   so much look like a rope.
The last stanza, I assume that all of the six men Hindostan   gathered together and they are quarrelling about how the elephant look like based from their own observation. Although, half of them might be right and the rest has wrongly described the elephant.

Self Reflection
Based from the poem, I realised that that we cannot force the other people to accept our perception and there will be a problem if we also cannot stand the other person's opinion.   We have to be more...

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