Hillsview Case Analysis

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Executive Summary Issue: As you know, there have been numerous complaints from staff about problems with the current handsoap.I asked for new quotes from suppliers and the testing shows that the current supplier Bergman Labs changed the soap’s formulation without informing the Hospital. The current supplier Bergman Labs has established a long-term problem free relationship till recent when staff complained about the soap clumping up in the dispensers and not cleaning as well as before. Problem Statement “Hill view Hospital must find the overall best supplier for hand soap keeping in mind hospital’s concern for patient safety and employee satisfaction”. The best way to do this was to request that suppliers provide news quotes so as to compare the responses received. The RFQ process is able to provide the best solution in choosing the best supplier while also meeting the patient Care and employee satisfaction. Size-up: Item So What ? Timeline: Acquisition process started 3 mos prior to expiration of current agreement. It is now 8 mos after expiration, which = 11 mos for process. There is an expectation that a final decision is now needed in a month from now. This is ridiculously long ! It should never have taken this long and it appears as though the Purchasing group doesn't seem to know what they're doing ? The 1 month deadline is impossible to meet, with provision of a solid, long-term solution. This will bring the total time-line to 1 year ! Current copier status: The present copiers are old technology (analogue) units, which are showing their age with increased quality and breakdown problems. Time is past running out on the present equipment and administrative efficiency will be effected to an even greater degree as time passes. As well, the credibility of the Purchasing group will be called into question. It could even effect

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