Hillsborough Coursework Ndash Trapped Case Study

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Hillsborough coursework – Trapped For this unit of work we were studying the Hillsborough disaster. Through this coursework I will be discussing how I responded to stimulus, developed my ideas, and evaluated my own work and the work of others. Lesson 1: For our first task we were asked to get into groups of 5. Once we were in these groups we were given the word confinement. We were asked to respond to this word. When I think about the word confinement I think of isolation and the feeling of loneliness. After we discussed our initial thoughts about the word we were asked to practically show our responses. We decided to focus on the idea of somebody being trapped in a small space. In order to create this small space we used the technique…show more content…
The characters were eyewitness, police and victim then we hot seated each character and asked questions to one another. For the eyewitness character here is some of the questions we’ve asked the character what you exactly saw, where precisely you were, what were you planning to do afterwards? Do you feel upset and angry? Police: do you feel guilty for not opening the fence doors? Do you blame David Dukenfield for the disaster? Do you know why the police statements were altered? Victims: Who do you blame for the disaster? Do you feel guilty for anything? At any point before the tragedy did you felt that something was going wrong? Do you feel that Dukenfield owes the victim an answer? We were then told to write a monologue for one of the characters and I chose the victim. Here’s my monologue below: I felt terrible and very upset that I lost a part of me, my son at the disaster. How could they be so ignorant? All these innocent victims, we were planning to spend a good time and watch the match with my son, when all of a sudden all I can see is my son getting crushed to death. I just really hope that one day sooner or later that people who caused this to happen would be
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