Hills Like White Elephants

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Hills like White Elephants Chris Santiago ASA College Author Note This paper was prepared for English Composition 105, Section BW1, taught by Professor Herrera. This paper will be covering a story about a man and a woman named, Jig, at the train station. They are having a conversation about a decision that needs to be made by Jig, which is to have an abortion. While the man seems to have his mind made up about what he wants her to do, Jig does not seem thrilled to make such an important decision about her life. The man, although he seems willing to support Jig in whatever she chooses, appears to be more satisfied by things going his way, not hers. The man does not want her to do anything that will tear them apart or make her unhappy. This seems to be Jig’s main concern. A big symbol in Hills Like White Elephants are the hills. They represent an obstacle that Jig feels she and this man must get through. The man is trying to persuade Jig to have an abortion. She uses the hills in the story to symbolize something they can get through if they have the baby. She understands that having a baby may be rough, but it’s not the end of her life. Jig obviously sees the view from the hills. She believes she can get through the obstacle but what the hills symbolize to the man is that his view of happiness in life is blocked by the obstacle of raising a child. Hills are big and I think that represents what being pregnant means to Jig. It is a huge responsibility and she understands that regardless of her decision she’ll never be able to let it go. She seems to embrace the challenge of being pregnant, raising a child, and living her life the same way she always has. The man’s view of raising a child is that it is a challenge that he’s not up for or just doesn’t want to go through with. His vision is blocked by the responsibility and what he’d be giving up instead
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