Hills Like White Elephants

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Paper One Literal meaning of “Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway The story starts off with a detailed description of a train station surrounded by white hills, grassy fields, and trees in Spain. An unnamed man and his girlfriend are sitting at a table in a bar outside the station. They are waiting for a train to Madrid. The weather was very hot, and the man decides to order two beers from the female bartender. The girlfriend says that the hills in the distance look like white elephants, which the man says that he has not seen one. They order a type of liquor called Anis del Toro and start to argue about the taste of it. The Man scolds his girlfriend about it and tells her to enjoy herself. The girlfriend says to the man that she’s trying to have some fun and then takes away her opinion of the hills looking like white elephants. They soon order another round of beers, and the man comments that he wants her to have an operation, but he never says what kind of operation he wants her to have. He acts frustrated and tries to avoid the importance of the operation. He says that the operation would be easy, but then says the operation isn’t one at all. The girl is quiet for a while, but then she asks the man is everything would be fine after the operation. The man agrees with her statement and even adds that everything would be like before. He also says he knows many people who have found happiness after the operation. The girl sadly agrees with the man’s statement. The man goes on to say that he doesn’t want to make her do but in his opinion it’s for the best. She says that she will do it as long as he loves her and that they stay together after the operation. The man tells her how much he loves her, yet she says her life doesn’t matter. The man says then states that she shouldn’t do this if that is her opinion of herself. The girl stands up and walks to
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