Hillary Clinton Mistakes

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This article on the possibility of Hillary Clinton running on the Democratic ticket presents intriguing details about how she plans on reviving her campaign since 2008. The article originally starts out by addressing a situation during the 2008 campaign when someone burglarized the Obama office in Indiana. This was during a time in which Obama and Clinton were in a nasty fight of politics vying for a spot in the White House. However, Clinton’s campaign offered the Obama campaign an office in which they could work. The article goes on to point out major mistakes that the Clinton campaign thought they made during the 2008 election campaign. It stated that the many mistakes of the campaign included her message and motto and failure to connect…show more content…
It’s interesting to note that even though Clinton and Obama butted heads on many policies during the 2008 election season, they could be professionals and even lead to Obama naming her as the Secretary of State. It’s also interesting to note that Clinton is rumored to run again in 2016 because of her recent moves of acquiring former campaign advisors to Obama that helped her succeed in 2008 and 2012. Clinton is primed to make a strong comeback. She has reset her entire campaign by introducing life and vitality and a new vision. She has claimed to be more effective in connecting with the American people as well as more wired in with the younger generation. With Obama done in 2016, and with Clinton and Obama having a stronger and more cordial professional relationship and it wouldn’t be surprising to see an endorsement from President Barack Obama. As we are learning, many women, African Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities are liberal and support the Democratic Party and since the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans, it’s important for any Democratic candidate to gain as much support as possible; since Clinton is planning to run the vote by women will play an integral role in this next election. The Lasswell Model states that candidates gain prestige, recognition, and influence through campaigns, speeches, and public relations; Clinton is a prime example of a potential presidential candidate as this article states through the many acquisitions and support that she has
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