Hijab Liberates Essay

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A hijab is a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women to preserve modesty, integrity, and dignity. Many people believe that the hijab is liberating because women cannot be judged as easily and the hijab let’s women focus on her inner beauty rather than external appearance. Other people believe that the hijab is oppressive because it limits a woman’s freedom and makes a woman “invisible” when wearing one. I believe that the hijab is liberating because Muslim women are going against society’s standards and expectations, it allows women to show their devotion to their religion, and it limits other people’s assumptions about a woman’s character. The hijab goes against society’s image of what a woman should wear. The hijab allows her to present who she is and what she believes in proudly. In the article, “Do I Wear Hijab,” by Sultana Yusufali, writes how the hijab allows women to be in charge of what other people perceive of them. “I enjoy the fact that I don’t give anyone anything to look at and that I have released myself from the bondage of the swinging pendulum of the fashion industry and other institutions that exploit females” (Sultana Yusufali, 2007). This relates to my beliefs, how the hijab liberates a women from how she has delivered herself from what other’s expectations are in which the fashion industries take advantage of. The hijab expresses how devout a woman is about her religion. It is also a way for Muslim women to respect and honor her tradition. In the article, “Why I Won’t Veil,” by Nadia O. Gaber, she describes her time in Egypt as horrible because she felt invisible, “Holding oneself to conventions that are impractical (imagine long sleeves or even gloves in the 120-degree Saharan heat) and anachronistic is illogical and unnecessary.”(Nadia Gaber, 2006). In any religion, there will be anachronistic traditions. The hijab demonstrates how proud

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