Hihi Essay

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Driving alone his black Navigator, Cameron comes to a stop sign. Suddenly Anthony and Peter appear with guns drawn to carjack him. They are surpised he is black, Cameron unexpectedly fights back and gets the gun away from Anthony, he starts kicking him on the ground. Peter points his gun but doesn't shoot. A police car sees the scuffle from a distance and starts toward them. Peter takes off and Anthony and Cameron get in the SUV and drive off. After a short chase two police cars corner the Lincoln. Anthony is afraid to get out, Cameron does get out and confronts the police. Hansen is one of the responding officers and recognizes Thayer, he tells the other cops he is OK and tries to calm down the excited Cameron. Finally they are let go. Cameron gives Anthony his gun back and tells him he is an embarrassment as he drops him off. Farhad confronts Daniel in the driveway, pointing his gun and demanding money. Daniel tries to calm him down when his daughter runs out. As she jumps in between the two men a startled Farhad fires a shot. Pause... Daniel checks the girl and finds no blood. She is alright. Stunned and surprised he brings her inside leaving a bewildered Farhad. Graham, returns to the mother's place with fresh groceries. He places them in the fridge as she sleeps unaware. Jean Cabot talks on the phone to a friend, saying she doesn't understand why she is angry all the time. Hanging up she slips and falls down the stairs, lies whimpering on a landing. Hitchhiking later that evening, Peter is picked up by the off duty Hansen. They chat but the conversation gets tense, Hansen tells Peter to get out of the car. Peter begins laughing at the St. Christopher statue on the dashboard and reaches into his pocket. A nervous Hansen tells him to stop, then draws a gun and shoots. Shocked by what he did, he pushes the dead Peter out of his car on an isolated dark

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