Highschool College Essay

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Highschool and college Highschool and college are both very important parts of peoples lives. It will determine our success and prepare teenager’s for the real world. Though both are equally important there many differences between the two. The differences include schedules, cost,homework and attendance. Highschool classes are for nine months. School begins at 8:00 and ends around 3:00. You go to the same eight classes everyday and see the same people over and over. College goes by semester. Each semester in college is 4 months. There is not an obligation to attend semester after semester, you can take breaks in between. In college you also create your own schedule. You can take classes at any time of the day. In my opinion that is the benefit of college. Being a highschool student is free unless you are attending a private or catholic school. Attending highscool is mandatory for all students, at the age of sixteen you can drop out with permission from the parent. Students who attend college need to pay out of pocket unless they get covered from finacial aid or have received a scholarship for there education. Most students like myself take college serious because it is a choice and not an obligation. Homework is a big difference. In most highschools usually teachers will assign a date that the homework is due, students can give the teacher an excuse such as “ I left the homework in my other bag” or “ Sorry I did not know it was due today, I thought it was due on friday” As crazy as the excuse may sound the teacher will typically accept the homework even if its late. In college if you give your professor one of those excuses they will say “ Sorry that is too bad, I will not accept any late assignments”. Also in a highschool homework is not that important as it is in college. In college homework is a huge percent of your final grade. In highschool
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