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15% discounts available 12hr service available | * College Counseling | Question: Answers: A paragraph makes up an essay Paragraph: 5 sentences. Essay: A few (about 3-6) paragraphs. a paragraph is a passage containing 3 to 5 sentances an essay is much longer and is made up of multiple paragraphs An essay has a number of paragraphs in it. A paragraph is just a few lines generally until the subject matter changes slightly. Essay is what I call my buddy Sanchez back in the barrio. A paragraph is a division of writter material that begins on a new indented line and contains one or more sentences. A paragraph is a component of an essay. An essay is an extended "argument" or expositiory discussion about a subject. You address the subject with paragraphs. Conventionally, you begin with an introductory paragraph which introduces your subject. The end of that first paragraph should encapsulate your main idea. You then follow that with "supporting" paragraphs which sustain your argument or "main idea." You end with a concluding paragraph which should terminate and complete your main idea. :) a paragraph is really short, and an essay contains a whole lot of paragraphes all about the same subject. and a paragraph only takes one sheet of paper and an essay usualy consist of at least 2 or more pages. paragraph: just about 5-8 sentences, just explain about one focused topic/main problem. essay: contain several paragraphs, so it's explain about one big topic which divided into the

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