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THE HIGHLANDS ACT The Highlands Act was put into effect in the year 2004 as way to protect the development of the Highlands region in northwest New Jersey. The region covers 859,000 acres and is home to 880,000 residents. The region is very beautiful and is noted for its environmental importance. The purpose of this law is to preserve large volumes of New Jersey’s fresh water sources. The area contains approximately 379 million gallons of drinking water for over 5 million people living in New Jersey. The Highlands is being threatened by overdevelopment. Between 1995 and 2000 the area lost 17,000 acres of forest and 8,000 acres of farmland. Due to the large development in the region the drinking water is being affected, causing it to become contaminated. Ultimately, the state decided that they must put a law into effect so that New Jersey doesn’t lose its drinking water supply. In my opinion, I believe that this law is very important in preserving our water. Since the development in the region is only going up and more and more water is being contaminated, the only way to stop this is the Highlands Act. I’m glad that our state is looking after us by ensuring that we have safe drinking water in our homes rather than unhealthy dirty water. I’m sure landowners are not too thrilled about this law, but they need to realize that it’s their drinking water too and we must keep it healthy and clean. I’ve also recently heard that there have been people trying to have the law abolished so that they can continue to develop in that area. It boggles my mind how after the scientific evidence behind this ordeal is presented, people still want to continue to develop in the area, only to further pollute our

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