Highest-Ranking African Americans In The Restaurant Industry: Don Thompson

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One of the highest-ranking African Americans in the restaurant industry, Don Thompson was named executive vice president and chief operations officer of the McDonald's in 2005. That marked a new stage of 15 years of steady advancement through the McDonald's hierarchy for Thompson, whose McDonald's career began on the technical side of the business. Supervising a wide variety of employees and delivering consistent results, Thompson took on a succession of regional president posts within the chain. Eventually, he worked his way up even further, being named the manager of the San Diego region in 1998. At the time he took over it was rated 39th out of McDonald's 40 U.S. regions. Under Thompson, it quickly shot up to No. 2. That naturally caught…show more content…
This philosophy was passed down to him from McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc. The first leg is McDonald’s itself, the second its franchisees, and the third its supplier partners. As Kroc said, the stool is only as strong as each of its three legs. Don Thompson values openness, honesty and integrity. Many times leaders will not always tell people what they want to hear. However the unpleasant the issue, he is not afraid to raise it with them. By doing so he can challenge everyone to be different and stand out from the crowd. He insists that everyone is to be open and honest with each other. Don also has passion and enthusiasm. His ideas are commonplace and leaders can find them anywhere. His passion is to help everyone create an organization to engage the heart and soul, not just the mind. He helps everyone to create their future and build their own dream. Don Thompson is a leader in innovation and creativity. He dares people to be different, and challenges them to create something unique in their goals. Doing what they have always done will get them what they have always got. He wants McDonald’s leading the pack not being part of it. Mr. Thompson also values courage. To lead an organization takes courage: courage to try new things; courage to make mistakes; courage to admit you don’t know everything; and courage to change knowing that what works today may…show more content…
McDonald's believes in the business motto that the customer is important. They expect employees to be committed to their jobs and to their customers, and to behave as representatives of the company. They also believe that it is important to acknowledge the community that supports each McDonald's restaurant and to return that support to the community. A system was established to train each employee in more than just how to perform jobs technically. It requires a structured orientation that would teach the employee these ethical standards and more, as well as the attitude with which the job is to be performed. Training of employees is crucial, and how they respond to situations may be linked to their expectations, motivations, and other

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