Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Higher Expectations Essay

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Higher Minimum Wage Leads To Higher Expectations Could you come up with seventeen million reasons to increase the minimum wage? Some may argue that increasing the minimum wage would benefit our lifestyle seventeen million ways. However, there are many reasons why it would not do just that. I plan to argue that raising the minimum wage would put a halt on small businesses, would increase the amount of people needing government assistance, and would weaken the foundation on which makes America’s middle class a whole. Because of the hurtful outcomes and the negative effects that would be brought upon today’s economy, raising the minimum wage would not provide our government of means to continue moving forward. First of all, small businesses would not be allowed to grow with the economy. Senator Elizabeth Warren states, “Raising the minimum wage is good economics. It means that people will have more to spend, helps propel the economy forward and gives a much needed boost too many small businesses.” But in fact, this would not be the case for small businesses. The total amount of cost for the small businesses would increase to keep the doors open. For example, products needed for different businesses would cost more not only because it would cost more to make these products, but also to have them supplied to meet demand of today’s economy. With that being said, it is obvious that with a higher minimum wage these businesses would be paying more to keep a substantial employed rate. In the long run, these small businesses would unfortunately end up losing money. This would then lead to these small businesses not being able to make a profit and remain in service. Secondly, the need for government assistance would greatly rise. “Besides, with a higher minimum wage, fewer people will need to count on food stamps or other kinds of government assistance to feed

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