Higher Education vs. General Education Essay

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Kani McGarr ENC1101 Ms. Stallworth 11/04/14 Higher Learning vs. General Educations As a first year freshmen in college transitioning from high school, the college experience hasn’t been easy. Within my first semester, I can honestly say that I have done more studying than I ever have in all my schooling before now. College and high school have similarities but all in all they differ greatly. When placed in comparison, everything from: teacher and staff, job opportunities, and the college environment on campus all varies from one another. On the first hand, the teacher and staff of college and high school contrast. As said previously, I have been studying and keeping my face in the books more than I ever had in all my schooling before me. When compared to high school, the workload plays a major factor. What once were a few in-class assignments and perhaps one homework task per week is now a large workload in each class. Through this transition, I have learned the importance of time management. In order to truly grasp the concept of each subject, study time is necessary. Also another difference of the teaching staff in college is that some professors require students to teach themselves the material. They introduce the concept and expect students to research the information and guide themselves into their own studies. This alteration has been one of the hardest components of my college transition. To a certain extent, I blame my high school teachers. We were spoon-fed all of our class materials which we just had to review or make some form of minimal study to understand. I feel as if we were handicapped. Getting over this crutch has been one of my biggest hardships. Thankfully, campus resources such as the tutoring labs have offered aid in grasping and understanding class subjects. The teacher and staff contrast greatly. On the second hand, the job

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