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Chris Jones HIED 657.041E Assignment One: Mini Paper (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) Spring 2013 Texas A&M University-Commerce The Texas College and University System Coordinating Board was established by the Fifty-ninth Texas Legislature in 1965 to provide unified planning and development of a comprehensive system of higher education. In 1987 the name was changed to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Under the state of Texas the Higher Education Coordinating Act of 1965 made the coronation board one of the higher authorities of any higher education institutive in Texas that was publicly run. This would allow governance in the Texas Higher education system that was funded by the state to ensure there was no unnecessary…show more content…
* Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), includes the Stafford Loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized. Students must fill out the FAFSA and be eligible to receive Federal aid. As you can see the coronation board handles a lot of financial situations dealing with the high education of teas students. History and research states that “Coordination of higher education in Texas is an outgrowth of a study made by the Texas Legislative Council in 1950. To explain more of what the Legislative board responsibilities include investigating state agencies, conducting studies for the legislative branch of state government, recommending pieces of legislation to the legislature and assisting it with legislative drafts, and providing data processing to legislative members and committees The report of the council led to the establishment of a temporary Texas Commission on Higher Education in 1953 to recommend steps for achieving a coordinated system of higher education. That commission urged the founding of a central agency to strengthen the state system of higher education through coordination and leadership of senior colleges and universities.” ("The higher education,"…show more content…
Nine policy papers on development of the Texas higher education system were adopted by the board during the late 1960s and early 1970s, and by 1985 at the direction of Governor William Clements, the board had published a series of thirty study papers. In 1989 it issued "Texas Education Opportunity Plan for Public Higher Education, 1989–1994" a continuation of an earlier, court-ordered desegregation plan.” ("The higher education,"

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