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Higher Education Throughout our history we look to higher education to help us collectively create the kind of society we want to advance in. People with two and four year degrees earn more money and are less likely to lose their jobs during recessions. The US economy is struggling and not creating enough good jobs with benefits. The people who work hard that have two to three jobs trying to make ends meet don’t have the same opportunities as people with degrees. People say this is the land of equal opportunity but many poor young Americans never get a fair chance. This is said because tuition cost are rising, families don’t make enough to send their children to college but now a days it seems that people have to have degrees for jobs that don’t really require them. My choices I’m deciding to make for college are probably just like everyone else’s. I decided to go to college because I knew it would be best for me in the future and for my daughter’s future. What I want from this is for my daughter to see that it’s best to go to college right after high school. At the same time it’s more about being patient because life as a young black lady is hard. People are going to look at you differently without a degree. Also I want her to understand that life is nothing without an education, you have further your education and not stop at high school. The understanding of getting paid minimum wage and living pay check to pay is not the way to live. What I want from my experience from college. Expanding my knowledge is what I want to take from this college experience. Choosing classes that center around my interests. Being able to use more abstract thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and communication skills will be refined. These skills will prove to be useful in my personal and professional life. Another experience I want to take is

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