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Maryland State Higher Education Conditions Mary A. Swanagan Kaplan University HE510: Foundations of Higher Education Professor Heather Scott April 1st, 2014 Maryland State Higher Education Conditions For this assignment I chose the state of Maryland to research higher education conditions and according to the report of the ‘Higher Education Transition Work Group’,” the state of Maryland enjoys one of the finest systems of higher education in the nation. In order for the state to remain one of the finest systems of higher education in the nation it will need to provide adequate and predictable funding for all segments of higher education. (Hrabowski, III & Kendall, 2007). This may be true because according to Measuring Up data in 2008, the state of Maryland scored an A- in preparing young people for college even though there are gaps in ethnicity. Although Maryland is the top state in student performance on advanced placement tests they only score fair on college entrance exams while eighty - nine percent of Blacks have a high school credential, compared with 94% of Whites. Only thirty-two percent of black young adults are enrolled in college, compared with 42% of whites. This data garnered Maryland a C in participation. An F rating was given to Maryland citing poor and working-class families devote 33% of their income, even after aid, to pay for costs at two-year colleges and financial aid to low-income students is low. Research data shows that for every dollar in Pell grant aid to students, the state spends 59 cents. Sixty-five percent of college students in Maryland complete a bachelor's degree within six years, while only forty-two percent of blacks graduate within six years, compared with 73% of whites which is one of the largest gaps in the nation earning Maryland a B in this category. Maryland also rated an A in the benefits category with a

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