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Miguel Carrillo Higher Education During high school, which is a stepping-stone to college, students who are oblivious or curious wonder why college matters when reaching a higher education simply opens more opportunities for future careers and a better life. There is no better answer to “Why does college matter?” when indeed college opens better future opportunities for college graduates. It is expensive to get a higher education, but while the cost of college may not seem appealing to students at first, it does open opportunities in which expenses won’t matter, because in the future the simple documents that you earn and struggle to get eventually pay off and hopefully release, and ease stress plus other struggles with financial problems when experiencing college. Getting a higher education is one of the stepping-stones to achieving the American dream, which is reaching and living a life of good health and prosperity. Students who don’t get a higher education may end up like dull knives; weak, slow and not experienced enough to have and maintain healthy careers and life styles, which may lead to poverty and health epidemics like obesity, while on the other hand people who do go to college and receive a higher education are sharp and made into people who can deal with daily struggles and challenges that work in mostly any field that they had worked on in college. Getting a high education opens opportunities in better job fields and reaching promotional opportunities that rank you up in mostly every job field instead of staying in one rank and not moving up. The reasons why college or higher education matters is because it opens more doors and opportunities for future careers that help reach the American Dream, and while higher education is expensive it will eventually pay off to reach a life of good health and prosperity. Going to college has many benefits,

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