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Does higher education [beyond high school] mean higher pay? When conducting this research on finding if having higher education means higher pay, the answer to this question is yes, having a higher education beyond a high school diploma means having a better salary. It is proven that having a higher-level education is very important especially if one wants to remain with a job and make a good salary income. By looking at the 2005 wage and wages earn data, the years of Education has a lot to do with the how much a person earn, the field of work and person preference also plays a role in salary. When looking at the wages earn data, the more years of education a person has, the salary increases. The field of work also determine the salary too because depending on what type of job, it can pay more money. In 2005, people who had over 12 years of education make way more money than a person that has 4 year education. The number of years of education a person has can determine how much income they can expect. Education plays a huge part on how much money that person will make, we discover that when looking at the Column A and Column D on the wage and wages earn data. For the most part, it is a well-known fact that more advance education a person has, the lesser chance of someone losing their job or being laid off, because businesses want people with an high level education. When it comes to earning a better salary, the higher –advanced degree that a person has, the more cash that person can expect to make. The dissimilarities between the average salary for those people with no high school diploma and those that earned a doctoral degree is enormous which is $454 per week contrast to $1, 532 per week, that is an huge difference between those salaries. If a person wants to have a better career and earn a better income, it’s very important for them to achieve a higher

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